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Memory Wire Bracelet

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Bracelets made from Memory Wire are the fastest way to make a piece of jewelry for any occasion.  To make one, wrap several lengths of memory wire around your wrist until you have the amount of strands you like.  Three or more give you a better look.  Cut the wire about two inches longer than you want it.  With round nose pliers, roll one end of the wire to form a loop.  String the beads onto the wire.  You can do random patterns or a planned pattern.  You can use a mixture of shapes and sizes or use beads that are all the same.  This is a great project to use up odd leftover beads.  Once you’ve strung the beads to about an inch from the end, roll the second end into a loop.  You are finished!  If you don’t like the plain loops at the ends, add charms like the bracelet shown in the picture above.

Make loop on one end with round nose pliers.

String beads onto wire.

Close second end with another loop.

The finished bracelet.  This took me less than a half hour.

This was done in a random pattern with leftover beads in pastel Spring colors.

Spring and Easter.

Made from packages of assorted beads.

I sometimes wear the blue and purple bracelets intertwined.

This one is made by cutting the memory wire into separate circles.  Then they are joined by stringing on spacer bars.

 I will do a tutorial on this in a future post.

Beads were added to the loops at the ends for a finished look.

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