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Baby It’s Cold Outside! No Sew Fleece Blankets

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Here is a quick and easy project for those cold winter nights.  I made several of these as Christmas gifts for children and they loved them!  Each blanket only took me about an hour.

 You will be using the whole width of the fleece, so all you need to measure is how long you want it.  For a children’s size blanket I used 1 1/2 yards each of 2 pieces of contrasting fleece.  For an adult size, add about ½ yard to the length you want because the length will shrink from tying the knots.  For an adult size blanket 2 to 2 ½ yards should be good.

 Tip: Have the person cutting layer the 2 pieces of fleece together and cut them at the same time.  This will give you uniform pieces that will take less trimming.


Tip: Use a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat.  You can use scissors, but this will be harder on your hands. 

 Trim the selvage from the edges of the fleece.  Lay the contrasting pieces of fleece together right sides out.  Smooth and adjust the pieces so there are no wrinkles and the edges match.  Trim excess from edges to even them up if necessary. 

 Cut a 4-inch square from each of the 4 corners. 


Cut strips along each edge.  Make your cuts about 1-inch wide and 4-inces long.  For a larger blanket you can make the strips 5-inches long.  (If you are cutting the strips to 5-inches, make the squares cut away from the corners 5-inches, too.)  Tip: Just eyeball the cuts.  No need to measure the strips because any minor differences won’t show on the finished blanket. You can put painters tape along the measurement and cut to the tape if you feel more comfortable with measuring.  I just used my ruler as a width guide. 


Tie knots from each pair of front and back contrasting strips all the way around the blanket.  How you tie the knots doesn’t matter.  I tied double knots. 

 Once you are finished tying the knots, give your blanket a shake to “fluff” up the fringe. 

 Now you are ready to cozy up with a warm blanket on a cold winter night.

Rules of Three

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I’ll share my (not so) secret tip on arranging, decorating, and placing just about anything in an eye-pleasing fashion…use odd numbers.  Simple as that!  And 3 is the best odd number to use.  When you are picking colors or decorating, pick a light, medium, and dark.  To mix prints when picking fabrics, pick a large print, medium print, and small print, in light, medium and dark shades.  If you are arranging flowers, several “3’s” apply: use large, medium, and small flowers, use dark, medium, and light colors, use 3 different textures such as spiky, fluffy, and cluster.  When you are arranging items for display, such as on a shelf, group them in odd numbers – 1 or 3 of an item work the best.  For example, group 3 frames and 1 decorative box.


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