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Pumpkin Topiary

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What’s better than something a little unexpected.  Here is an Autumn variation of a topiary.  The measurements of the supplies I used are in parenthesis.  You can adjust them to your needs.

Clay pot (2 ½-inches high, 3 ¼-inches diameter)

Styrofoam blocks

Wooden dowels (10-inches long, ¼-inch diameter)

Green floral tape

Craft moss

Ribbon (1 ¼-inch wide, about 2 feet long per bow)

Artificial pumpkins (2-inches high, 3 ¼-inches diameter)


Tacky Glue

Cut the foam blocks to fit in the clay pot.  Glue these to the bottom of the pot being careful not to let any glue leak out of the drainage hole.  Wrap a dowel with floral tape and insert it into the foam block using a small amount of glue for security.  Carefully push the pumpkin onto the top of the dowel.  Start a small hole if needed and use a small amount of glue to secure it.  Tie the ribbon in a bow on the dowel just under the pumpkin.  Put some glue on top of the foam block and cover with the moss, so none of the foam shows.  Group these in odd numbers for display.  (see my article, Rules of Three)


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